October 9, 2015

The LEAP® PS&G Model

LEAP Model RetinaImagine trying to play the game of Chess without a game board. There would be utter confusion. You might have all the pieces, but there would be no way to tell if you were really on the way to winning the game. How do you tell if you just put yourself into checkmate?

With so many different financial components necessary in our personal financial lives today, and all of the different advisors we rely on, trying to win in life can feel just like trying to play Chess without a game board.

Get your financial life organized…

The PS&G Model® is made up of 27 individual drawers, letting both clients and the advisor see your entire financial life at a glance, making coordination and wealth management a straightforward and uncomplicated process. You are able see all of your financial decisions simultaneously and determine if one strategy creates more wealth and benefits verses another.

Educate yourself…

An educated consumer is always in a better position than one who is unsure about the money decisions they are forced to make in life. The PS&G Model provides you with a tool to measure and coordinate each money decision with the purpose of achieving financial independence. As a LEAP® SYSTEM™ authorized representative, we will show you how to use this model to measure and compare financial decisions you make in order to choose the one that you feel is most appropriate.

Benefits of Using The PS&G Model™

Instead of making financial decisions one at a time in an isolated manner (micro), we advocate financial decisions based on an organized, coordinated and integrated model (macro). By using the PS&G Model, your assets and financial decisions are:


When coordinated, your assets work together harmoniously.


When integrated, your assets provide for a potential increase in money supply and benefits.


The PS&G Model helps you evaluate and measure the results.


With a PS&G Model, you may be less vulnerable to making decisions based on opinion or sales hype. Money decisions are now strictly needs and value based.


The PS&G Model provides a method for your money decisions to be easily and automatically implemented.


The PS&G Model will help you visualize how all your assets are working and provide an organized filing system.


Your money and assets will be more in your own control which leads to making intelligent financial decisions.