Doctor, it hurts when I do this!

Doctor, it hurts when I do this. Do what? Pay Taxes! There is lots of talk today about the government’s new tax plan proposal. Current speculation ranges from tax breaks across the board to taxes that hurt the middle class to tax breaks just for the rich. I am here to tell you that whatever Read more about Doctor, it hurts when I do this![…]

The History of Monopoly, and what it means for a Business Owner!

Monopoly has been around for decades. Even though it is an “old” game my kids still love to play it. They have their favorite pieces of property to own and they are now beginning to use strategy to win. It is truly fun to watch their minds grow. How many of you know that Monopoly Read more about The History of Monopoly, and what it means for a Business Owner![…]

Why you never have, nor ever will own the S&P 500 or any other Index for that matter!

Virtually every person that I meet with owns a S&P 500 mutual fund or ETF. And most likely they own several other indexes. The problem is, they don’t actually own these indexes. You see, you cannot actually own them, not really. The reason is, is that there is only one S&P 500, one Russel 1000, Read more about Why you never have, nor ever will own the S&P 500 or any other Index for that matter![…]

Becoming a Psychic Investor.

If I could tell you the exact day that your qualified retirement account will suffer its greatest loss, would you want to know that date? And in knowing that day, if we could do something now to prevent these losses would you do it? Taxes are the largest transfer of your wealth. The day that Read more about Becoming a Psychic Investor.[…]

Hocus Pocus, Poof! The Tax Savings Disappear!

I for one do not believe that qualified retirement plans are all that they profess to be. They are surrounded by ever changing, complicated rules that turn out to be very costly. I don’t believe all of the rhetoric about tax savings. Someone is going to be taxed on this money. If not you, then Read more about Hocus Pocus, Poof! The Tax Savings Disappear![…]

Handwriting on the Wall

The government knows that it is between a rock and a hard place on the issue of Social Security. The dire financial situation of Medicare, Medicaid and the US Postal Service isn’t helping the situation. In 2016 the US Government spent $19 Trillion dollars. Roughly 49% of that $19 Trillion dollars was spent on social Read more about Handwriting on the Wall[…]

Buy and Hold… Your Breath

If you are an investor, then most likely you have heard of “Buy and Hold” investing.  It has been around for decades and 1.88 million articles have been written on the subject.  Buy and Hold looks great on paper, but it only works as long as the stock market is flat or going up.  If it is Read more about Buy and Hold… Your Breath[…]

How Dare You Think That You are Entitled to Social Security!

If you are in the work force, then you are paying taxes.  One of those taxes is for OASI – Old Age and Survivors Insurance, but you probably have never heard of that.  Another name for OASI is Social Security. Since you are in the workforce and paying social security taxes, you are probably under Read more about How Dare You Think That You are Entitled to Social Security![…]

What’s Your Number?

Do you remember the ING retirement campaign a few years ago.  The commercials were always asking, “What’s Your Number?”.  This brief article isn’t the place to get into what is wrong with the “What’s Your Number” campaign. What I want to focus on is this – For simplicity’s sake, let’s say that your “number” was Read more about What’s Your Number?[…]

3 Myths of a Qualified Plan

People do things with their money for many different reasons.  Where they invest is driven by a mix of personal preference, government incentives and economic trends.  The trend for the past 20 years has been to invest heavily in the company sponsored 401k due to the government incentives.  The trend is understandable as there are Read more about 3 Myths of a Qualified Plan[…]