October 4, 2015

The Solution to Financial Success

So what is the solution to financial success?  The solution to financial success is not a product.  It isn’t an annuity, mutual fund, stock or bond.  It cannot be a product, because if it was a product everyone would own it.

The solution is a process, and this process has three key elements.  A Game Board, a Rulebook and a Macro Manager.

Our Strategy

Game Board

With our Model as the Game Board, You can now organize, analyze, strategize, and track your financial life by viewing all of your money decisions simultaneously.


This is the science of personal finance integrated into our Model.  It allows you to gain a greater understanding of how money works, the rules of surrounding financial products, and the possible strategies which can improve your financial position.

Macro Manager

The active coordination of your financial team so that each professional is viewing your financial life through the Model, increasing the likelihood of the information you receive as being the best for your personal situation.