September 28, 2015


Citadel Wealth Man­age­ment will work with you to shape strate­gies that help you achieve your dreams.

We com­bine integrity, tech­nol­ogy, expe­ri­ence and vast finan­cial knowl­edge to develop and main­tain an effec­tive plan for max­i­miz­ing your wealth poten­tial. Our approach is unique, but like the strate­gies we develop for our clients, it’s easy to understand.

Q: I’d love to put something away for my retirement, but I never seem to have the extra money.

A: We use the LEAP® process, which is designed to create greater wealth with no additional out-of-pocket costs. By making your dollars work better, we help you provide for your future.

Q: If I already choose my own investments and have trusted sources for financial advice, why should I meet with Citadel Wealth Management?

A: We’re not here to replace either the members of your financial team or the products that are working well for you. In fact, we will work with your other advisors to put a stronger, smarter team in your corner.
While most financial professionals focus on only one or two aspects of your financial life, we take a holistic view. We evaluate and coordinate all aspects of your financial life, the way a chess master considers all of the pieces on the board and always thinks several moves ahead.

Q: How does the evaluation work?

A: We gather all the facts and goals that define your financial life. We consider your income, investments and debt; the costs of such things as housing, food, entertainment and taxes, as well as your plans for col-lege and retirement. We also look at insurance, wills and other factors that are sometimes overlooked. Then we apply our unique mix of experience and scientific modeling to produce a personalized strategy for building wealth.
Our strategic recommendations and alternatives are written in plain language. We’ll show you where your current plans serve you well, where they fall short and how to get them all working in concert to meet your current and future needs.
The evaluation process is continuous. We constantly inform and update you, helping you stay on top of changes in your life, changes in laws, and new challenges and opportunities. This relationship is one of the main reasons our clients stay with us.

Q: What kind of financial questions can Citadel Wealth Management help me answer?


  • What are the true costs of my current plans?
  • Am I paying too much tax now, and how will taxes affect my retirement?
  • Will I be able to retire comfortably when I want to?
  • Can I afford to send my children to college?
  • Are all of my investments working together toward a common goal?
  • Why has no one pointed these things out to me before?

Q: What will a financial analysis cost?

A: You will receive planning and strategies for no initial costs or charges.

Q: Will I be pressured into any decisions?

A: Our job is to make sure you’re equipped to make informed decisions. We present you with options in the form of plans and strategies. You make the choices you’re comfortable with, and at the pace that suits you. We will always support you in doing what you know is best for you.