October 9, 2015

Our Financial “Model”

LEAP Model RetinaHave you ever tried to play a board game without the board?  Can you imagine trying to play chess without the board.  How do you tell if you are winning?  If you are playing a friendly game with your spouse or children, it may not be that big of a deal.  But, what if your opponent is the U.S. Government.  How do you tell if you just put yourself into financial checkmate with regard to taxes?  That checkmate may not be this year or next year, it could be at retirement.

With so many different financial components necessary in our personal financial lives today, and all of the different advisers we rely on, trying to win in life can feel just like trying to play Chess without a game board.

With the Model we are able to take the complex world of finances and make it simple.

Get your financial life organized…

Our Financial Model is made up of 27 individual drawers, letting you see your entire financial life at a glance, making coordination and wealth management a straightforward and uncomplicated process. You are able see all of your financial decisions simultaneously and determine if one strategy creates more wealth and benefits verses another.

Instead of making financial decisions one at a time in an isolated manner (micro), we advocate financial decisions based on an organized, coordinated and integrated model (macro). When you have a “Model”, your assets and financial decisions are:


When coordinated, your assets work together harmoniously.


When integrated, your assets provide for a potential increase in money supply and benefits.


The “Model” helps you evaluate and measure the results.


The “Model” will help you visualize how all your assets are working and provide an organized filing system.


Your money and assets will be more in your own control which leads to making intelligent financial decisions.