Deductive Reasoning Destroys Tax Deductions!

Most of the Financial Entertainers that you hear on the radio today have a common message. (I reference “financial entertainer because virtually all of them are not licensed as an advisor.) These financial entertainers fall into the trap of using deductive reasoning to come to their conclusions. Deductive reasoning is based on one or more Read more about Deductive Reasoning Destroys Tax Deductions![…]

What’s Your Number?

Do you remember the ING retirement campaign a few years ago.  The commercials were always asking, “What’s Your Number?”.  This brief article isn’t the place to get into what is wrong with the “What’s Your Number” campaign. What I want to focus on is this – For simplicity’s sake, let’s say that your “number” was Read more about What’s Your Number?[…]

“Would You Rather…”

“WOULD YOU RATHER…” is a game played around the country at parties.   The entire game is a series of questions such as: WOULD YOU RATHER … Have “No internet” or “No cell phone?” WOULD YOU RATHER … Have “No one show up to your wedding” or “No one show up to your funeral?” WOULD YOU Read more about “Would You Rather…”[…]

Predicting Tomorrow with Success… Or Not!!!

When I first got into the Financial Services Industry in 1998 we used to create these beautiful 100 page financial plans for our clients.  They were on heavy stock paper, fantastic glossy graphs and charts.  We had them bound in a leather binder, they looked truly beautiful sitting on the desk. Flipping through the pages Read more about Predicting Tomorrow with Success… Or Not!!![…]