The Last Picture Show

Imagine taking your spouse and kids to see a movie. You go into the theater, buy a jumbo popcorn, some candy and drinks. The kids are eagerly anticipating the movie and skipping through the aisles. You find seats with no tall people in front of you and you start to relax. Looking around you notice Read more about The Last Picture Show[…]

Perspective is Everything… So I want you to try Table Dancing!

If you have lived in your home for any length of time, you can probably close your eyes and envision where each room is in the house as well as each piece of furniture. The next time that you are home, I want for you to walk into your kitchen and take a look around, Read more about Perspective is Everything… So I want you to try Table Dancing![…]

Remember Who You Are

Do you know who you are? Do you know how the rest of the world sees you? I am not talking about your wife, kids and your friends. I am talking about all of the other entities out there that are interested in you for your current and future wealth. Everyone sees you from a Read more about Remember Who You Are[…]

Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat…

It is Christmas time and you have probably been hustling and bustling about buying presents. This involves going to many different stores to find the “right” present for each person. This is a common scenario for Christmas and it is also a common theme with most peoples financial lives. You make many different financial decisions Read more about Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat…[…]

It is difficult to get the Right Solution when you start with the Wrong Premise!

Every step of our education has been centered on what to think, rather than how to think. We have been dumbed down as a society. When it comes to finances, the less we know, the more we are exposed to misinformation. All of the financial information that is available to us today has been created Read more about It is difficult to get the Right Solution when you start with the Wrong Premise![…]

Hocus Pocus, Poof! The Tax Savings Disappear!

I for one do not believe that qualified retirement plans are all that they profess to be. They are surrounded by ever changing, complicated rules that turn out to be very costly. I don’t believe all of the rhetoric about tax savings. Someone is going to be taxed on this money. If not you, then Read more about Hocus Pocus, Poof! The Tax Savings Disappear![…]

Handwriting on the Wall

The government knows that it is between a rock and a hard place on the issue of Social Security. The dire financial situation of Medicare, Medicaid and the US Postal Service isn’t helping the situation. In 2016 the US Government spent $19 Trillion dollars. Roughly 49% of that $19 Trillion dollars was spent on social Read more about Handwriting on the Wall[…]

Buy and Hold… Your Breath

If you are an investor, then most likely you have heard of “Buy and Hold” investing.  It has been around for decades and 1.88 million articles have been written on the subject.  Buy and Hold looks great on paper, but it only works as long as the stock market is flat or going up.  If it is Read more about Buy and Hold… Your Breath[…]

Pensions + Pensioners = a Pickle of a Situation!

Most people consider retirement income to come from one or more sources – their 401k and / or a pension and social security.  There could be trouble brewing for people who are expecting their “projected pension payout” to be a reality.  Actuaries extrapolate an amazing amount of data to figure out what is possible for Read more about Pensions + Pensioners = a Pickle of a Situation![…]

Inflation: Life’s Stealth Bomber

Every day you can see the impact of increased prices on your income, assets, and standard of living. Prices for food, clothing, appliances, energy, automobiles, prescription drugs, and health care have soared. The increase in the price of these expenditures is called inflation. People generally cope with inflation by finding ways to increase income or Read more about Inflation: Life’s Stealth Bomber[…]