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Imagine being able to measure and verify the impact of a financial decision. With our Model, Financial Designs software and our Process, you will be able to see the advantages and the disadvantages of each financial decision before it is made.
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Why We Do What We Do

Often we are asked what it is that makes Citadel Wealth Management different from other firms. That is a great question, but the real question is WHY we do what we do. I think that is a much more important question, but it is never asked. So, let me explain.

We believe in challenging conventional wisdom with regards to traditional wealth accumulation strategies and most important wealth distribution strategies. We believe in challenging the government’s efforts to confiscate your wealth and to tax everything that you do successfully.

We believe that paying an income tax once is enough. Where you choose to invest your money after the first tax will determine how many more checks you will have to write to the IRS.

We believe in creating proven wealth distribution strategies where at retirement distributions are classified as cash flow and not income and are therefore exempt from taxation.

This is a very different conversation than what most people have with their current advisers.

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